Snow Removal Done Right

II. Execution: Done right, on time.

Your property is clear, attractive, and safe.

We arrive on time.

Our crews are assigned a specified, maximum amount of work to be done for each snow event.

Your assigned crew has not been overbooked, and they WILL be there on time to clear your property walks and drives exactly as described in your contract.

If you need us to, we can even let you know ahead of time by text, email, or phone that we are on site clearing your property.

Slip and fall prevention

Our crews always work together to clear both your walkways and driveways.

We specify that your walks will be cleared 2 feet into any adjacent drive. This assures that there will be no snow pushed back onto your walkways from clearing the drives, and minimizes the possibility of a slip and fall for your clients and customers.

Your property will look great and be safe immediately after each snow event.

Salt management

We always clear and salt your walkways starting at your building and working AWAY from your doorways. Salt is never applied immediately at the doorways themselves.

It’s important to us to protect your walks & entryways from the harmful effects of incorrectly applied salt. Our methods assure that salt is not dragged into your building where it can harm carpets and other flooring. Nor do we allow salt to find its way up against your doors, their frames, and building exteriors.

Once walkways are clear and dry from a snow event, we return to entirely remove any excess salt that might remain on your walkways.

Your property, including entryways and carpets, remain attractive, safe, and inviting to your customers and clients.

More than one and done.

During an extended snow event, our crews return to your property as specified in your contract to continue to keep your property cleared.

Your property will be clear for vehicle and foot traffic at the beginning of your work day, again for lunch, and finally for end-of-day traffic exactly as specified.

No cut corners.

We don’t cut corners—literally: Instead we are precise and careful.

All corners of your drives, parking areas, and walks and bikeways will be cleared completely and carefully.

You will have full use of all parking spaces, walkspaces, or bicycle parking all season long.


We constantly follow-up after each crew to verify that your work was done properly and according to your contracted specifications.

We don’t think it’s your job to be sure that our job is done right. We check on ourselves to be sure your property is cleared, so you don’t have to.

Snow Removal for Clear, Attractive, and Safe Property | Farrell's Plowing

Let Farrell’s Plowing make your job as property manager easier.

We are nearly booked for the 2016-2017 season, but have some possible openings for work in Middleton, West Madison, and Fitchburg.

Contact us below immediately to see if we can work your property into our schedule.

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    Please note: We do not overbook, but we will do everything we can to accommodate your property if possible.

    Get Snow Removal Help for Next Season

    We are adding 20% more capacity next year so that we can accommodate your property.

    Get on our contact list for next year if you do not need immediate assistance this season.


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