Snow Removal Done Right

I. Preparation

Get the season started right.

On-Site Walkthrough

Pat Farrell, the owner, meets with you on-site and do an assessment of your snow removal needs.

We take the time to visit you at your property so that we can understand exactly what you need us to do for you and your site.

You will know exactly what to expect from us, and we will know exactly how to get the job done right for you.

Your Detailed Quote

After your on-site assessment, you’ll get a detailed quote, customized to your specific property needs.

Other companies might quote you a price without even seeing your site. Our in-person assessment ensures full understanding and communication of what you need us to do.

But the quote we give you is detailed and customized to match exactly what you need us to do for you: no more, no less.

Here’s an example. We are normally busiest between 3 AM and 7 AM, getting property ready for business at 8 AM. But not all of our clients need their property cleared by 7 AM. So if you don’t need your lot cleared until a bit later in the morning (e.g., like a church), you could save up to 30% off the costs of clearing your property by 7 AM.

Customize Your Contract

From your customized quote, we create a customized contract agreement. We have four types of base contracts. We draw from these to create an agreement, customized for you. Our contracts also allow you to select the level of risk you want to assume.

We make it easy for you to budget for your snow removal needs and to do accurate CAM charge budgeting.  Your contracts makes it easy for you to do CAM charge budgeting.

Walkthrough with Crew

Before the first snow event of the season, Pat walks through each property with the crew assigned to clear your site.

We make sure that your crew knows exactly what your contract specifies will be done for your property.

You can rest assured that your property will be cleared and presentable as agreed. We will deliver precisely what was sold.

Snow Removal Done Right: Preparation - Farrell's Plowing in Madison WI

Let Farrell’s Plowing make your job as property manager easier.

We are nearly booked for the 2016-2017 season, but have some possible openings for work in Middleton, West Madison, and Fitchburg.

Contact us below immediately to see if we can work your property into our schedule.

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    Please note: We do not overbook, but we will do everything we can to accommodate your property if possible.

    Get Snow Removal Help for Next Season

    We are adding 20% more capacity next year so that we can accommodate your property.

    Get on our contact list for next year if you do not need immediate assistance this season.


    Contacts on this list will receive priority placement and scheduling next year.